Friday, June 15, 2007

Making Boys Interested in the Church

An article at Crisis Magazine by Anthony Esolen explores three ways to make (and keep) boys interested in the Church. Excerpt:

Insofar, then, as the liturgy is seen as a feminine enterprise, so will it fail to interest boys. I don’t mean that they will reject it consciously. We are not talking about something bad that happens, so much as about something good and necessary that does not happen. They will not say, “I don’t like holding hands, I don’t like the soprano at the piano bar, I don’t like the cutesy slogans on the banners.” It’s simply that their minds and hearts will wander. They will not be inspired to devotion.

How, then, to win the hearts of the boys? I have three recommendations.



UltraCrepidarian said...

I find the idea that the trouble with vocations (a problem in the secularized west) has as much to do with the feminization of Christianity, as with all the other troubles of the Church.

The breeding ground of Catholic Priests is Catholic mothers and fathers, living their catholic faith.

Mom and dad, raise your children to Love the Faith. And if one of them hears the call, encourage them. It's you, nobody else, who will form your boys. Some of those boys must be priests.


Anonymous said...

My boys ages 8 & 10 serve in our Oratory's great because though they have 8 sisters only the boys can serve.The little one has served Mass every day & 2 Benedictions a week...he absolutely loves it...