Friday, June 20, 2008

Girl Sues Dad Over Punishment - And Wins

This is pathetic. A dad tells his daughter that she can't go on a class trip. Not happy with the news, the daughter ultimately sues dad to get to go. And guess what - she found a judge stupid enough to overrule the dad. LINK

Wrong on so many levels. The article mentions that the parents are divorced and that dad has legal custody. However, it doesn't mention who helped the girl find a lawyer. Mom? Her school? (Wouldn't be surprised!)

Liberals scoff at the notion of "judicial tyranny", but this is it - defined. This guy now has some moron telling him how to discipline his daughter. He wasn't beating her, or denying food. He just said Enough. No trip. And the State tells him no. You can't do that. Apparently it's in Canada's national interest to see this girl go on a school trip.

America may be a world leader, but we're a follower in judicial matters. If it hasn't already happened here, it won't be long. Might as well just give them want they want and save yourself the legal expenses.

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