Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Fired for opposing "gay rights"

Here it comes. As has been predicted for years, we're losing our rights to free speech. If you don't buy into the "gay" agenda, you're a bigot, and don't deserve to hold a job. LINK:
A University of Toledo administrator who was fired after criticizing gay rights in a newspaper column is suing the school for violating her free speech rights.
Dixon wrote in a newspaper column in April that gay rights can't be compared to civil rights because homosexuality is a choice. The university says Dixon's statements damaged her ability to perform her job.

So how exactly does this affect her ability to do her job? Is it that she's no longer accepted by her HR peers, the same people who have pushed this agenda in universities and corporations across America?

What they feel the need to silence is the truth. She's absolutely correct - this is not a civil rights struggle. Blacks at that time were denied basic legal protections. Homosexuals are not denied any rights whatsoever. This whole push for homosexual "marriage" is a joke. You have a loud minority who don't understand what marriage is, or why it is recognized by the state. Even though they can't produce the benefits that a marriage provides to society, they want it anyway. Don't know what it is, but I gotta have it!

Toddlers handle rejection better than these activists; look at the Prop 8 protests around the country. (And notice that I say activists, not homosexuals. Most of the fuss is coming from straight people with a deeply-embedded guilt complex that has to manifest itself in some way. Well-to-do white liberals find all kinds of ways to express this. Can you count them?)

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