Thursday, May 07, 2009

First Communion Gifts

My son (2nd of 3, oldest boy) made his First Communion last weekend.  We had a small party for him afterward, and he received several rosaries, prayer books, and a crucifix.  

On Monday, my wife helped with the 2nd grade's reading program, and a lot of the kids naturally shared what they got.  One little girl said she got $550!!  My wife asked if she also got a rosary or a prayer book, and she said no.  While she didn't get any religious items, she did get a Webkin and some pajamas.  I thought that was sad.

I don't mean to judge, but I would just expect that the gifts would match the occasion.  I stressed to my son several times that this was just the first of many, and they're all just as important.  Hopefully more so as his appreciation for the Eucharist continues to grow.

What about you?  What kinds of gifts did you or your kids receive for First Communion?  Do you have any favorite gifts that you like to give for First Communion?


Kevin said...

I remember getting a rosary and a missal from my parents, and a scapular from somebody, but most gifts from other relatives were just money gifts.

a thorn in the pew said...

My dd received statues, rosary, latin missal, prayer books, holy cards, miraculous medal necklace, some money and cards. Ours was quite traditional, however. I think many are more secular now, unfortunately.