Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What you need to know about angels

Insight Scoop (the blog of Ignatius Press) has a great post about angels that draws from Peter Kreeft, the brilliant philosopher and thelogian from Boston University.  Kreeft's book Angels (and Demons) explores the topic in great detail.  Here's an excerpt:
The Twelve Most Important Things to Know About Them

1. They really exist. Not just in our minds, or our myths, or our symbols, or our culture. They are as real as your dog, or your sister, or electricity.

2. They’re present, right here, right now, right next to you, reading these words with you.

3. They’re not cute, cuddly, comfortable, chummy, or “cool”. They are fearsome and formidable. They are huge. They are warriors.

4. They are the real “extra-terrestrials”, the real “Super-men”, the ultimate aliens. Their powers are far beyond those of all fictional creatures.

5. They are more brilliant minds than Einstein.

6. They can literally move the heavens and the earth if God permits them.

See the rest of the list and some Q&A by clicking HERE.


darren said...

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Eric said...

I've removed your name from the list. I'm sure you're aware, but that letter was copied-and-pasted into many blogs at that time.

I'm curious as to what kinds of problems this has caused for you? It would seem to me that any issues you would have had would qualify as harassment.

At any rate, your name has been removed from this post.

albina N muro said...

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